To contact Kia Motors Finance USA (KMFUSA) customer support, you may call:

Phone Number: 1-866-331-5632

You may contact this number with any questions about vehicle finance, account administration, payments, or other related concerns. Alternatively, you may find contact information on their official site.

Kia Finance Phone Number

For direct assistance with Kia Finance, you can call:

  • Customer Service: 1-866-331-5632
  • Collections: 1-866-344-5632
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-333-4542
  • Lease-End Servicing: 1-855-537-8542

Kia Finance Contact Address

Lease PaymentsKia Finance America
P.O. Box 660891
Dallas, TX 75266-0891
Written Correspondence Only (Not Payments)Kia Finance America
P.O. Box 20825
Fountain Valley, CA 92728
Direct Credit DisputesKia Finance America – Credit Dispute
P.O. Box 20835
Fountain Valley, CA 92728
Finance PaymentsKia Finance America
P.O. Box 650805
Dallas, TX 75265-0805


Clients may contact Kia Motors Finance USA (KMFUSA) via phone at 1-866-331-5632 or in writing at the addresses mentioned.


Q1. How can I make a payment to my Kia Finance account?

Ans: Payments may be made online, over the phone, or by mail to the addresses listed.

Q2. What should I do if I have any concerns regarding my lease-end options?

Ans: For lease end questions, please contact Lease-End Servicing at 1-855-537-8542.

Q3. Which number should I contact for roadside assistance?

Ans: To get quick roadside help, call 1-800-333-4542.